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Why You Should Never Buy CRAP BackLinks : An Experiment

Backlinks are backlinks which are directed towards your website or blog. It’s a known proven fact that backlinks plays a great role inside the ranking of the site searching engines. While amount of backlinks are extremely important, their quality is a least as essential or even more.

Google Penguin update – details, and recovery tips.
If you are not aware of backlinks, and why these are important, go on and go here post. A simple hunt for “buy backlinks” will return 1000s of results on Google. Specially, if you’re among Fiverr user, you’d understand how many build a large number of backlinks gigs we can find on Fiverr for $5.

buy backlinks from Fiverr
As a brand new entrant inside the blogosphere it requires lots of effort to develop backlinks and something could be tempted to make easier route and get backlinks. But when you buy backlinks, like those positioned on Fiverr, to boost your page rankings?

Recently, I shared my test buying Facebook likes from Fiverr. Similarly, I also tested the result of backlinks bought from certainly one of the many Fiverr gigs on my own SERP rankings.

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Which Backlink Fiverr Gigs did I purchase?
Backlink Quality
Which Backlink Fiverr Gigs did I purchase?
In my test if you ought to buy backlinks, I purchased these two gigs from Fiverr:

Buy 25 Penguin-safe PR5 backlinks
Backlink pyramid with 5000 forum profiles pointing to 2000 anchor text profiles
The seller responded immediately asking for keywords and links to the ordered gigs. Sure enough within 72 hours I received an “Order Completed” message in the seller which has a text file of all the links which are created.

Backlink Quality
I had the list of backlinks which are created by the owner and tested those dreaded. As shown within the example picture below, the PR5 backlinks were poor profile links with simply no activity.

Low quality Profile Backlinks
The backlink pyramid gig was even worse. Just by going through the links you could say they are of little if any quality.

Backlink Pyramid
Many links would not exist and those that did exist disappeared a few weeks as moderators identified and removed the inactive or spammy members.

Effect of bought backlinks on Site Traffic
I bought the backlinks for a site that received typically about 1250 page views per day. Also, most posts appeared within the first page of Google SERP to the keywords we were holding written for. As shown below, within weekly from your date of purchase, traffic dropped 70%:

Site affected with bought backlinks
Note that I made hardly any other major change at the same time other writing 2-3 new posts. I also received the following message on my small Google search console:

Webmaster bad backlink warning
Looking with the average position (under Traffic->Search Queries), posts that have been within the first page were positioned beyond 250. The quantity of impressions and clicks showed a tremendous drop at the same time. Sure enough, searching my targeted keyword didn’t show my posts.

It was almost as if Google discredited my posts completely. Could this be as a result of Google’s Panda or Penguin updates? Submitting a site reconsideration request would not help. For any blogger it would be close to impossible to extract from such a hit and restore his/her site’s credibility.

The backlink gig sellers reason that this can be impossible. Their logic is that if it was the situation the other could easily purchase bad quality backlinks with their competitor’s sites and destroy their credibility. But my experience shows some other outcome.

How to Undo paid Backlink traffic drop effect?
The backlinks which were created will exist unless your website moderators delete them as spams or if you manually follow the 1000s of links and request the moderator to delete the url. In other words there’s no going back for your original state. Fortunately, Google introduced the disavows link tool to discredit any poor backlinks in your site. All you have to do is upload the words file sent to you by the owner. Google will not likely take these links under consideration while accessing your web site.

Disavow links
Within per week from uploading my text file with links being disavowed, traffic on your website recovered to almost the exact level it was ahead of the backlinks purchase and contains been steady or else increasing over the last week.

Traffic recovered after removing bad links
You get what you pay for

Some believe that there isn’t any way you can start to see the effects within every week and a few point out that it’s not perhaps the links however some other changes that I performed concurrently. I failed to make every other major change in the site and my data shows that Google can sense and re-assess your rankings within per week’s time.

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Many backlink selling services agree how the company’s backlink is essential and how the links that they can create for you’re superior. In essence, people say “you get whatever you pay for” in addition to being additional money by you.

Should you acquire backlinks?

Would I have seen a different result if I spent countless bought one of the other services that claim that their backlinks are of proper quality? Or, would the gigs that drip-feed backlinks for a length (as an alternative to creating a huge number of backlinks all at once) been better? Maybe, I tend not to know and I am not really planning to try.

Such black-hat SEO techniques aren’t worth it and could be against Google’s stipulations in many instances. The other important point to remember is that they can don’t add traffic nor engagement in your web site. Avoid making backlink building mistakes and spend that time improving your existing content, providing quality new content, guest-authoring, along with other known and established building links methods.

While the shortcuts may work to the people, who wishes to come up with a quick buck, one cannot achieve sustained long-term growth, eespecially with Google fitting in with separate out good content websites from the spams, and one using black-hate SEO. There is no better alternative to work, creativity and patience and if you might be a separate and passionate blogger this can be how you need to work.

FYI: You can always report paid links to Google applying this form.

Hope this experiment serves gave you a few points to take into consideration prior to deciding to buy backlinks. If you have any comments remember to give us.


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